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Choosing the Best Lock Nut
Nylon stop nuts, Metal locknuts and Castellated nuts - all have their place in your Homebuilt Aircraft

Nearly every bolt in your aircraft needs a method to prevent its nut from coming loose: vibration can quickly undo fasteners over a period of time. There are several popular lock nuts in the aviation hardware toolbox that can fit the need. Each has a particular advantage depending on the environment it is used. For example: Hot location near the engine? Rotating components?

This week's Tip discusses the 5 most popular AN lock nuts and how they are suited for particular applications within your homebuilt. Learn to identify them by their part numbers and always be ready and confident to choose the proper lock nut next time you add a bolt to your airplane.

Interested in learning about solid riveting techniques for building aircraft like those made by Vans Aircraft ?

Working with "solid" rivets (the ones that need a bucking bar to be held on the back side) can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the relevant tools and techniques. As compared to blind rivets which are relatively easy to work with, solid rivets need a little practice and some specialized tools.

Once the confidence in setting these rivets is acquired, the opportunity for building a greater variety of fast, sleek aircraft becomes possible (For example, the majority of Vans aircraft models are predominantly built with solid rivets).

Our popular DVD: "RV Rudder Workshop" demonstrates and explains the basic techniques and tools for working with solid rivets. As an example of putting these skills to work, a rudder for the Vans RV7 is built in a step by step presentation. You cannot get a better preview and understanding of what it takes to build a Vans aircraft with this informative DVD.

Become enlightened today with the details of solid riveting by visiting the webpage below and ordering a copy of RV Rudder Workshop!

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