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Hear from Builders in the Field about their aircraft Projects
What better way to Learn about Homebuilt aircraft than from Builders themselves!
Now that we have gone "on the road" for the time being, there is the wonderful opportunity to visit and confer with experimental aircraft builders in person .It is hard to beat first-hand accounts of these major building projects in progress (or completed).

First on our list: Kathy from the east coast of Florida. She is a two time builder of beautiful Rans aircraft: an S-12 and S-19. When someone builds two aircraft (and both the same brand), we should pay attention to understand what positive factors are at play!

Listen and watch as a builder describes their take on bringing two homebuilts into the aviation world!

Kathy reviewing her Rans S-12
Kathy reviewing her Rans S-19
Interested in learning about   solid riveting techniques for building aircraft like those made by Vans Aircraft and others?
Working with   "solid" rivets  (the ones that need a bucking bar to be held on the back side) can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the relevant tools and techniques. As compared to blind rivets which are relatively easy to work with, solid rivets need a little practice and some specialized tools.

Once the confidence in setting these rivets is acquired, the opportunity for building a  greater variety of fast, sleek aircraft becomes possible (For example, the majority of Vans aircraft models are predominantly built with solid rivets).

Our popular DVD: "  RV Rudder Workshop" demonstrates and explains the basic techniques and tools for working with solid rivets. As an example of putting these skills to work, a rudder for the Vans RV7 is built in a step by step presentation. You cannot get a better preview and understanding of what it takes to build a Vans aircraft with this informative DVD.

Become enlightened today with the details of solid riveting by visiting the webpage below and ordering a copy of   RV Rudder Workshop!
Solid rivet bucking explained and demonstrated
Components for solid riveting
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