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Do you Need an ELT?
Some Tips on choosing the Best model
Are all ELTs created equal?
Understand the differences
If you have seating capacity for more than 1 occupant in your homebuilt aircraft then you are required to install a functioning ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter). This device automatically sends a distress signal when it senses a crash of the aircraft (special switch senses G-forces from aircraft deceleration).

There are lots of models to chose from. If they all perform the same function, then why are there so many models and a wide variety of prices? Turns out, they are not all the same - and some are better than others at getting search and rescue to your disabled aircraft.

Watch this week's Tip to make sure you understand the various features of the ELTs that are available at your aircraft supplier.You may discover that some features have escaped your understanding due to new technologies.

Even ELTs that look the same can have major differences
Installing an ELT is a typical hombuilder's job.

Installing a Fuel System in your home built aircraft?  

Our DVD:  Fuel System Plumbing   explains the components and  demonstrates the skills needed for plumbing a fuel system for your homebuilt aircraft.
You can build the best fuel system for your aircraft only when you feel comfortable understanding all of the options  involved with its construction: flare fittings, rubber hoses, rigid tubing, sealants, and on and on! With these options come some needed skills for implementation: bending, flaring, cutting, deburring, etc.Our DVD was tailored for the beginning aircraft builder who has little or no experience with these important issues that are often left unexplained by engine and kit manufacturers. Visit the web page for more details of this valuable instructional DVD.
The basics of fuel fittings are explained
Watch demonstrations of tubing bending
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