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Need to Measure something?
Try using a Digital Caliper
The digital caliper is perfectly suited for measuring the components we use to build aircraft
If you are building an aircraft, you will have numerous occasions for needing accurate measurements . This might include determining the thickness of a metal skin, the length and diameter of a bolt, the size of rivets, the proper ridge on a step drill for a hole. Making many of these precise measurements can be easily accomplished with a modern, inexpensive, electronic digital caliper.

This week's TIP demonstrates the manner in which a caliper can be used to make these common aircraft building measurements. A discussion of the features you should consider as well as where to buy this tool is highlighted. Watch and decide if you should add this tool to your workbench .

Electronic Calipers now show dimensions in all popular formats
Example of taking an inside measurement

Weight & Balance 101 for Homebuilt Aircraft  

Completing a homebuilt requires you to calculate and document the   weight & balance figures  for your aircraft.   F   or many builders this task is confusing and complicated -- however,    we have a video to make this task simple and easy to understand.

This DVD is specifically designed to teach the experimental aircraft homebuilder who is not comfortable with weight & balance concepts how to perform the required weight & balance calculations for their aircraft.

There is more to W&B than just filling out your paperwork.   Consider answering the following scenario depicted in the lower picture: If your fully loaded take-off weight is 1500 lbs and after calculations, you need to shift your center of gravity forward by 1.5" to fly safely,   how far forward should you move your 75 lbs of baggage to get the aircraft within limits to fly safely?

This is an example that is presented in this DVD.   Making use of this knowledge is a lot more than a one-time paperwork effort!
The basics of Weight & Balance are explained
Understanding the location of a datum
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