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Nothing goes together like
Step Drills and Grommets
Step Drills:  the Ultimate Drilling Tool for mounting Switches, Circuit Breakers and other panel Components

Grommets: Protection from the long, sharp edges of those Step Drills

Every aircraft needs dozens of holes to be made that range from about 1/4" to a full inch in size for mounting things like headphone jacks, toggle switches, circuit breakers, ignition switches, charging outlets and much more. Many of these holes need to be made in sheet metal or other thin materials. Trying to maintain a collection of large diameter conventional drill bits for these jobs would be impractical and expensive. The step drill (aka Unibit) is a fantastic, affordable solution.

Many holes that are created by step drills are also used to pass wires and fuel lines through wing ribs and bulkheads within the aircraft. Abrasion from the sharp edges of these holes needs to be eliminated by the use of grommets and bushings placed in these holes. For very large or irregular-sized holes we need to make use of flexible grommets. The video in this week's Tip demonstrates the choices available to builders.

    Four typical Step Drills
    Grommets of all types for edge protection
Vans RV12 : try Building the Tail using step by step DVD videos 

If you have been contemplating an aircraft kit project like Van's RV12, why not take a low risk approach to experiencing just how much work - and fun it would be. Low-risk means that for just the price of our RV-12 Tail assembly DVD you can watch the step by step effort and the tools required to make it go together.

Building a kit aircraft of any type takes an enormous amount of time and focus on the part of the builder.  For some, this means more than one year of building effort before the project is flyable.

After watching our RV12 Empennage (Tail) DVD you will completely understand what it takes to succeed-  not just with finishing the tail, but you will then posses a realistic understanding of building the entire kit

A HomebuiltHELP DVD prepares you for the adventure to come. Purchase the Tail DVD now and keep your dream alive! Watching over another's shoulder is like having a helper around that has done the task before!

   Above: Inside Tail Cone
Finished Tail Asssembly
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We have also released a dual DVD set containing the first 35 Tips with updated comments and material for those who want to watch offline with the convenience of DVD chapter indexing.
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