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Learn from this Aircraft Builder's Unique Workshop-Hangar
What Does the Ideal aircraft Workshop-Hangar Look like to you?
The "dream" hangar-workshop for building your homebuilt has no single definition. However, once in a while we come across a builder that has gone out of their way to create the "just right" environment for building. This week's video highlights the accomplishment of one such builder.

Objectives for creating the ideal workplace might include: off-grid power (solar) to avoid the expense of utility installation and monthly fees, inexpensive metal building construction made to order, location on an airstrip out in the country - away from home, remote monitoring and control of engine pre-heating.

Watch this week's video Tip as we take a tour of a builder that explains how he created his dream workshop on a budget and got everything he wanted to make the ideal getaway environment.

Keep off the grid and no utility payments!
A metal building of size and shape as desired
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Inner Wing Section
Testing Folding Wing mechanism
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