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Fixing Leaky Homebuilt Aircraft Fuel Drains
Fuel drains are needed in every homebuilt aircraft. Choosing the right style and ensuring it stays leak-free is important.

Many options exist for selecting a fuel drain for your homebuilt project. Drains are typically needed in the bottoms of each fuel tank and also with a gascolator (if used). Header tanks may also need some method of removing fuel.

The styles of drains that can be chosen for each application depend on their general purpose: removing small samples of fuel for examination during pre-flight - or - allowing the entire tank or fuel system to be evacuated for service or to remove bad fuel. 

A common complaint with these drains is that they sometimes leak - or weep fuel when they are supposed to be closed. Our short video takes a look at some common styles of drains used by aircraft builders and what causes them to leak. Of course we show the remedies for some typical leak issues.

Above: Popular Fuel drain options
    Nobody likes a leaky drain!
Installing a Fuel System in your home built aircraft?

An examination of the fuel drain is just one example of the many items we need to feel comfortable about when assembling our aircraft fuel system.

Our DVD: Fuel System Plumbing explains the components and demonstrates the skills needed for plumbing a fuel system for your homebuilt aircraft.

You can build the best fuel system for your aircraft only when you feel comfortable understanding all of the options involved with its construction: flare fittings, rubber hoses, rigid tubing, sealants, and on and on! With these options come some needed skills for implementation: bending, flaring, cutting, deburring, etc.Our DVD was tailored for the beginning aircraft builder who has little or no experience with these important issues that are often left unexplained by engine and kit manufacturers. Visit the web page for more details of this valuable instructional DVD.

  Above: Checking the allowable bend radius
    Parts needed for flare fuel connection
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