Builder Tip #75 from HomebuiltHELP 
Protect your Wiring
with Sleeving
Products that protect wiring and cables for your homebuilt
The wiring and cable bundles you install for your aircraft's electrical system is subject to a challenging environment. Examples include extreme heat in the engine compartment, sharp edges as wires traverse the corners of your instrument panel structure and a myriad of other abrasive obstacles.

This week we review the popular products we can use that effectively protect wires from this environment which can be easily installed at an affordable price.

Understanding the critical features of these components allows us to choose the best match for our wire cables based on the location and environment of use.

Don't neglect this easy and inexpensive means to avoid a nasty surprise down the road if your wiring were to fail in flight! 
Video tip shows examples of wire loom products appropriate for your project
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