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Need to install an Inspection or Access Panel?
Adding an extra access panel to your homebuilt can be easy!
Many builders find a desire for creating at least one more inspection/access panel in their aircraft. Being able to quickly inspect critical areas inside the airframe or wing is important for safety reasons. Also, for maintenance and repairs, getting at mechanical and electrical components is crucial.

Usually, the designer of the aircraft has inspection areas already located on the blueprints. However, it is not uncommon to need additional access to other mechanical and electrical hubs that require the occasional attention within the airframe.

Watch how we examine some commonly used techniques and materials for installing access panels in a metal homebuilt. For extra fast installation, we highlight a ready-made kit that makes this work a snap! Practically every shape and size opening can be accommodated!

Removing unwanted foam to form shape
Resin being applied to fiberglass cloth
Vans RV12 : try Building the Tail using step by step DVD videos
If you have been contemplating an aircraft kit project like Van's RV12, why not take a low risk approach to experiencing just how much work - and fun it would be. Low risk means that for just the price of our   RV-12 Tail assembly DVD   you can watch the step by step effort and the tools required to make it go together.
Building a kit aircraft of any type takes an enormous amount of time and focus on the part of the builder. For some, this means more than one year of building effort before the project is flyable.

After watching our RV12 Empennage (Tail) DVD you will completely understand what it takes to succeed- not just with finishing the tail, but you will then have a realistic understanding of building the entire kit

A HomebuiltHELP DVD prepares you for the adventure to come. Purchase the Tail DVD now and keep your dream alive! Watching over another's shoulder is like having a helper around that has done the task before!
The RV12 Tail subkit finished
Inside Tail Cone
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