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Affordable Automated Weather AWOS for your Airstrip
Every airport needs an automated weather reporting system!
If you fly into small airports on a regular basis, you know what it's like to not have good weather information. Wind speed and direction is tough to get until you are on top of the windsock, and even then its not very precise. Using weather information from a nearby large airport can help. In fact, we often associate the bigger, busier airports with automated weather systems. It has typically been the high cost of these AWOS that keeps them limited to those locations.

We found a vendor at the Sun n Fun expo that demonstrated an automated weather system for between $4 - 5K that you can install yourself. The system is based on an industry standard Davis weather station which is interfaced to a custom computer and aircraft radio transmitter. The computer is responsible for taking the weather data and applying the algorithms for constructing a standard AWOS message.

Watch the video to learn more about this AWOS system that every airport community can afford!

Easy to install Weather Station
Reporting console for AWOS
Like to Build your Aircraft from Scratch?
Building from raw materials? - the choice depends on your skills, budget and time.  For making parts from scratch we have an informative DVD :    Scratch Building Basics 

It requires a builder with special skills, knowledge, and an attitude complete with persistence and imagination. Not all of us are cut out for a project like this… although most of us can appreciate the rewards that will result!

Details of the fabrication process are explained and demonstrated - such as: how to translate blueprint plans to a form block drawing, cutting, sanding and finishing the form blocks using common tools; choice of form materials (plywood, MDF, particle board, hardwoods, etc); tools for cutting aluminum sheet, (power shears, hand shears, scoring knife), forming rib blanks around form blocks (how many hammers can be used!), fluting techniques for curved edges, cutting lightening holes, various methods for deburring and polishing, sheet metal bending using a home made brake, and much more.
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