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Where to find an instructor that provides
Flight Training in a Homebuilt
It's not easy finding an instructor or Flight school willing to train in your new Homebuilt  aircraft!

When you have completed your aircraft project, the next challenge in your lap is to consider making the first flight in it. If you have the desire and the skill, you can be the test pilot, of course. Even if you are an experienced pilot, the need for transition training in your aircraft model (or very similar model) can be difficult to obtain. Many CFIs and flight schools want nothing to do with experimental aircraft. They also typically do not have aircraft models that provide the same flying characteristics as your homebuilt. You may decide it is best to get an experienced pilot to make the first flight in your aircraft.  Where do you find a qualified test pilot for this job?

This week's tip highlights a flight training school that specializes in homebuilt aircraft pilot and transition training. The school conducts their training in light-sport (SLSA) aircraft that are a match to many of the homebuilt aircraft being built today. They also offer a service of performing the first flight in your aircraft if desired. The instructors and equipment make this school uniquely qualified to address the needs of our homebuilt community.

Whether you need complete or partial training for your Private or Sport Pilot license, or transition training before your first flight - check out our presentation in this week's tip!

Training performed in SLSA aircraft (certified homebuilt models)
Instructor specializing in training homebuilt aircraft pilots
What is it like to Build a set of amphibious Floats?

Now that spring is in season (!)  this is the perfect time to consider building a metal float kit from Zenair! HomebuiltHELP has a detailed step by step demonstration DVD set that shows how this kit goes together -- you can decide for just a small investment in these DVDs if this kit is the right path for your project!

Zenair floats are installed and operated on all types and brands of homebuilt aircraft. If the price tag of a factory built version of these floats is heavy for your budget - consider the kit version and really save. Our DVDs make it perfectly clear what tools, time and effort is needed to build your own! Take a look at the construction pictures on our web page:

   Imagine the possibilities!
Building your own is a great accomplishment.
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We have also released a dual DVD set containing the first 35 Tips with updated comments and material for those who want to watch offline with the convenience of DVD chapter indexing.
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