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Fast, Easy and Great Looking Wire Labels
Labeling the Wires in your aircraft brings big benefits!
Why should you care about labeling those wires behind your panel?
The day you need to repair or replace an instrument, switch or fuse in your panel - you will know why! 

Although you may have personally wired your own aircraft, you will not remember how a great many of those hundreds of wires are connected just a few years from now. And if another person services your electrical system, they will be operating in the dark with the myriad of wires you put in place.  The amount of time that will be saved for you and future technicians is more than returned on your investment in the effort of labeling those wires when installing them.

We think you will like the method we show in this Tip for labeling your wires. It is easy, inexpensive, fast and most of all - very professional looking. Take a look and decide for yourself!
    Professional looking labels - fast, cheap and easy!
    Look real close -- every wire is labeled for future troubleshooting and servicing
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