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A combined Fuel Pump-Header Tank
for Fuel Injected Engines
Here is an interesting way to consider plumbing your homebuilt's fuel injected engine!

This week's video Tip shows Jan from Viking Aircraft Engines providing us with a unique fuel plumbing system that is applicable to some of the popular fuel injected aircraft engines.

Borrowing from modern automobile fuel injection designs, the strategy shown in this video uses Jan's in-tank fuel pumps which eliminate the need for external regulators, return lines, pre-filters and header tanks. The pumps are naturally cooled by residing within the aircraft's fuel tanks (or purposed pump/ header tanks). Lots of external fuel plumbing parts are eliminated as, for example, the fuel pump module provides the proper pressure with its built in regulator.

Watch the video and decide for yourself if this new product has a place in your aircraft's fuel delivery design!

Above: In-tank fuel pump exposed
    Fuel pump-Header tank combo
Water cooled or Air cooled Engine? 
  An analysis of the available engines for your experimental aircraft is a task that is a lot easier with our DVD video compilation: The 912 Competition

This DVD provides homebuilders with a dynamic review of the popular engine choices available for the experimental aircraft builder in the 80-120 HP range.

This DVD now features updates on 3 engines: the Continental O200,  the ULPower family of engines, and VIking Aircraft Engines.  This is in addition to presentations on the Corvair, Jabiru, Great Plains, Aerovee, Rotec, Rotax, and Subaru engines.

In one sitting you can see 10 of the most popular engine choices presented by their respective vendors/manufacturers and decide for yourself which is best for your project!

    Engines featured in 912 Competition DVD
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