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Heads Up Display for Experimental aircraft
Now a Reality!
Heads Up Displays are becoming an integral part of Homebuilts
Heads Up Displays (HUD) were originally designed for military aircraft during WWII in the 1940s. Later, the technology was adapted to commercial airliners as it was proven to reduce pilot fatigue and errors. In the 1980s HUD was adapted to automobiles and now finds itself as a common option on new cars.

The purpose for implementing HUD is to keep your eyes focused out the cockpit windshield , yet maintain critical flight data in view without looking away. There is little question that this has become a wonderful tool for safer piloting in aviation.

Is it appropriate for Experimental aircraft? Are there units available for purchase today? Can you build one of these systems for your homebuilt? These and other questions are addressed in our latest TIP video. Watch and learn!

Components of modern HUD system
Commercial aircraft HUD display
Designing and Building your own Avionics Panel is within your reach! 
Our DVD:   Building a Glass Panel    steps you through the critical phases of designing and implementing an instrument panel for your homebuilt aircraft. This is not a discussion of the latest electronic gadgets that you can use, but rather how to fabricate the panel of your dreams once you have decided on the choice and layout of those instruments.

The purpose of this DVD is to demonstrate the skills and planning process required in building a glass panel for a homebuilt. Observe step by step techniques for creating the circular openings for the conventional gauges - and the large rectangular openings for the display panels. Use of punches, knives, files and nibblers for professional results is demonstrated. If you always wanted to build one of these for your aircraft, this DVD will allow you to decide on whether to tackle the job yourself - or leave it to the pros. 

Completed panel built in this DVD video
Using a panel punch for round instruments
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