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An affordable EFIS for less than $600
(Display tablet not included)
EFIS: Electronic Flight Information Sytem
Having a wide variety of choices for building a high tech panel allows many of us to achieve our dream of affording a homebuilt aircraft. Builders on a budget can still have state of the art functionality on their panel with some of the offerings available on the market today.

This week's Tip features a low cost but very high performance EFIS panel that is supplemented by your personal tablet (or smart phone) - either Apple or Android connected to a Talos Avionics AHRS (Altitude and Heading Reference System). What this means is that accurate, critical flight information that has been available on multi-thousand dollar systems can be had for a fraction of that cost.

A look at this short video will show you the kind of flight information  that is provided by this system.  Whether as a backup system for an existing panel or as the primary display on the panel, you may be surprised at the functionality available at this price point!
    EFIS display using Tablet
    A periodic oil analysis tells us many things!
Designing and Building your own Avionics Panel is within your reach!

Our DVD: Building a Glass Panel steps you through the critical phases of designing and implementing an instrument panel for your homebuilt aircraft. This is not a discussion of the latest electronic gadgets that you can use, but rather how to fabricate the panel of your dreams once you have decided the choice and layout of those instruments.

The purpose of this DVD is to demonstrate the skills and planning process required in building a glass panel for a homebuilt. Observe step by step techniques for creating the circular openings for the conventional gauges - and the large rectangular openings for the display panels. Use of punches, knifes, files and nibblers for professional results is demonstrated. If you always wanted to build one of these for your aircraft, this DVD will allow you to decide whether to tackle the job yourself - or leave it to the pros. 

Your panel layout is limited only by your imagination and skills. We help you learn the skills!

Cutting the holes is part of the challenge!

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