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What does the One Week Wonder and this B17 Bomber Aircraft Have in Common?
Compare these two Homebuilt aircraft in our video
Both of these aircraft are homebuilts we found at AirVenture 2018. The One Week Wonder is a Vans RV-12iS and the B17 Bomber is a scratch built creation of builder Jack Bally.

These two experimental aircraft represent the extreme opposites in building time for a homebuilt: the RV-12 was built in one week and the B17 took 17 years to complete. The RV was completed in front of the crowd during the Airventure show, demonstrating the ease of construction with a volunteer group of builders. The B17 was a one-man effort and resulted in a most unique scaled replica of the famous B17 bomber.

Watch this short video to appreciate the wide range of aircraft building efforts: from an elegant kit to an elaborate scratch design.

A homebuilt 1/3 scale replica of a B17
An RV-12iS built in one week at Airventure
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