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The Zenair newsletter (and DVDs) is no longer being published (last issue #190, May/June 2012).  Back issues (and DVDs) are available for purchase (see online ordering at bottom of page). The back issues and DVDs are a great resource for new builders/pilots of Zenith aircraft.

Created and written for all Zenith aircraft kit or plans owners and those interested in Zenith products.

 Zenith Aircraft, one of the largest of the homebuilt aircraft companies, has published a newsletter since the mid '70's.  The newsletter has been continually growing in both size and membership. Current issues are now twelve pages in length. Each issue now includes a DVD that contains video of Zenith aircraft events and subscriber submitted footage of their building and flying experiences.

Zenair News can be a great help to you as it allows each subscriber to keep in touch, on a regular basis, with other subscribers and the aircraft company.  The newsletter’s goal is to support the builders and owners of Zenith aircraft by way of news, photos, videos and technical discussions. 

 More about Zenair News:

a.    Six newsletters and six DVDs are published each year (bimonthly) The subscription period for all Zenair subscribers is July 1st  thru June 30 the following year.
        You need to choose (at checkout) which YEAR for that period you wish to receive. (
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b.    The cost of a subscription is $49 per year for U.S./Canadian subscribers (US Funds);  
c.    The newsletter will be mailed to you First Class

The arrangement of Zenair Newsletter:

1.  Bulletins (important notices)
      2.  Fly-in announcements and reports
      3.  Construction updates from Zenith Aircraft
      4.  Technical tips from builders
      5.  Flying Zenair aircraft photos
      6.  General news from subscribers and photos
      7.  For Sale and Wanted ads

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Some things that a Zenith builder/pilot should possess with pride:




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